Monday, September 13, 2010

Out with the Old in with the New!

I am very excited to start my new journey in the Culinary Arts world. Yesterday at work I finally quit my job. I was so nervous and was getting major anxiety because I never quit before, usually I was either laid off for slow business, or the place just shut down completely. So anyway, I went to the Manager at the last second and rip it off like a bandage. He was like "Two weeks notice, you sick of this place already!", I was like "Hell yeah!". I was a hostess and I felt that I was ready to leave, it was taking me no where, my checks kept bouncing, and the respect level from staff to employee was low. You ever get the feeling that you are not doing whats right for you, well I did everyday I went to work, opening doors for mean elderly people. So Friday was my one shot to change everything. I went for an interview at a country club in Boca Raton, I was so nervous because I have been putting out app like crazy. I attended the job fair, and got the call for an interview with the chef. When I arrive at the club the chef was running all over the place, but I got to get myself together,cooling my nerves, and I nailed it. I used all the knowledge from my past jobs and culinary school. Guess what happen next, I got the job! I am so ready to let you guys into my new life cooking in an actual kitchen! I am so anxious, its like going to a new state not knowing who you are going to meet, I am getting butterflies. I will definitely prove to the boys I can do the job not only great but better then anyone they've ever seen. Wish Me Luck!!
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